The Standard

This shoot had been in planning for some time and it was time to deliver it. We had all day to nail this shoot and I am very happy with the results.

The assignment was to photograph Nyisha Jordan and Gabriel Sey. If you’re not familiar with them both, they are two of the UK’s finest fitness athletes and Team Grenade Superstars.  The location for the shoot was Beltcraft studios in North London. Once my assistant and I arrived at the location, we were filled with inspiration as the look and feel of the venue was just so special and we began to lay things out as planned.

Fearless Fitness Academy: Website
Team Grenade Profiles : Website
Model : Nyisha Jordan on Facebook
Model : Gabriel Sey on Facebook
Makeup Artist : Laura Stone Online

The initial idea was formed around definitely wanting to get a classic portrait of Nyisha and Gabriel, something that said ‘Bon Voyage’ to a bygone era, but I also wanted to get some very “loose” fashion styled shots. I’ve never been one to get myself tied down in the studio shooting on a white background, I love sets and if i had it my way everything would be a set, ok not everything however I like giving everything a unique feel. Using a Single large Octabank high left this was achieved.

Classic Bon Voyage – Final Set




The key to this shoot was approaching my lighting a little differently. Making great use of the Elinchrom Octabank and the Profoto Beauty Dish to add that kicker of fill light. Which was used on two of the four sets.

The great thing about shooting tethered to Capture One is the ability to use capture pilot to show images live on set as they come in via the iPad.

I have to say a huge thank you to the amazing Laura Stone who provided her Makeup wizardry on this shoot to give great consistency and unique feel to each set, highly recommended.

3rd Set


2nd Set

The Punchy Fashion set made use of a single beauty dish kicking in light from the left blended with a strip light.


1st Set

To start the shoot out we decided to do something completely left field and have fun with a pommel.

ne days shooting and two days Post Production work after selections decided and I am pretty happy with the results the soft light produced. It’s great fun to shoot more loosely and try something differently.